2018 – 2019 EXECUTIVE

Michael Brooks, President, 613-332-5593

Rose Goodwin, Vice President, 613-318-9945

Debbie Speck, 613-334-9602

Dianne Martin, Past President, 613-332-1076

Rose Goodwin, Secretary, 613-339-1136

Margje Fults, Treasurer, 613-332-5950

Glenna Armstrong, Director At Large, 613-332-0492

Valerie Winsor, Director At Large, 613-332-2047

Trish Brooks, Volunteer Convenor, 613-332-5593




Awards, Debbie Speck, 613-334-9602

Bookkeeper,  Jeannette Howson 613-332-9892

Books for Babies, Marcella Christiansen, 613-332-3530

Book Cart, Margje Fults, 613-332-5950

Cards and Flowers, Dianne Coulson, 613-332-0595

Catering, Gwen Best, 613-332-1840

Constitution and By-Laws, Debbie Speck, 613-334-9602

Corner Café, Debbie Speck, 613-334-9602

Festival of Trees, Rose 613-332-5451

Finance, Margje Fults, 613-332-5950

Historian/Archivist, Dianne Martin 613-332-5451

Hospital Tray Favours, Rose Goodwin, 613-339-1136

In-Hospital Services, Rita Kerr, 613-332-2372

Media, Website/Facebook, Val Winsor, 613-332-2047

Membership, Rose Goodwin, Irene Halliday, 613-339-1136/705-448-1822

New To You, Lynda Mitchell, 339-2634

Newsletter Dan Rajsic, 613-332-1700/613-332-2047

Nominating, Debbie Speck, 613-334-9602

Patient Sundries, Alice Wilcox, 613-332-3546

Public Relations/Publicity  Val Winsor, 613-332-2047

Radiothon, Debbie Speck, 613-332-3146

Round-Up, Janice Mackenzie, 613-332-5153

Smile Cookie, Glenna Armsrtong, 613-334-9602 Pat Hicks 613-332-1566

Social, Sue Stephens, 613-474-1516

Telephone Callers, Rose Goodwin 613-339-1136

Volunteer Co-ordinator , Trish Brooks




Liaison to New To You

Liaison to Corner Café

Liaison to Info Desk

QHC Rep.

All of the above

Debbie Speck, 613-334-9602


New to You, 613-332-2229

Corner Café, 613-332-6630

Auxiliary Office, 613-332-2825 x 6201

EMAIL nhaux@qhc.on.ca

Website, www.nhdhospitalauxiliary.ca

Facebook, www.facebook.com/pages/North-Hastings-District-Hospital-Auxiliary