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We’re another year older…


That's what we were celebrating at our 31st Annual Aniversary Dinner. The Rivers Edge Golf Club may not have seen such a wacky bunch of diners in a long time! True to our theme of The Beat Goes On (an old Sonny and Cher song) many of us dressed up in 60s and 70s costume! Sonny and Cher actually turned up (aka Presdient Debbie Speck and V-P Michael Brooks).  A motley bunch we certainly were!

We had a splendid meal, catered by Bruce Kellar and his helpers, great music from Steve Wright and Ernie Demuth, and a lot of fun. The "serious" part of the evening was the presentation of awards by former President Dianne Martin and also by Sonny and Cher. The list of recipients was long and included a special presentation to Jim Sopha who was honoured with the Provincial Life Membership for many hours of devoted volunteering. Cheers for Jim! Our Auxiliary President Debbie Speck was honoured with a Certificate of Appreciation, as was Moose FM for its support throughout the Radiothon. The high point of the evening, however, was the presentation of $50,000 to Kim Bishop and Jean Menard who accepted on behalf of the hospital fund.

Let's all pat ourselves on the back for another year of successful fund-raising. Truly, The Beat Goes On!

Looking forward to another great fund-raising season in 2017!       


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Round-Up is over for another year

Round-Up has rounded down for this year. It’s been a successful campaign with the total amount (Round-Up and barbecue donations) of $7,882 plus a little bit) going towards our Stayin’ Alive campaign. Thanks to everyone who took part and a special thanks to Janice Kunz and Sue Stephens who “drove the bus”.

Beth Pepin hosts the organizing committee at Nofrills. Great job, everybody!

Stayin’ Alive – our fundraising campaign for 2014

Great title or what? The old Bee-Gees hit says it all about our summer campaign and you’ll be hearing it all over town in new few weeks! If you can’t wait, turn on your speakers and have a listen

North Hastings District Hospital Auxiliary members are excitedly planning for a fun-filled and successful summer campaign. This year our theme Stayin’ Alive represents the equipment we have pledged to purchase; namely eight portable vital signs monitors that can be used throughout the hospital and emergency department plus a built-in monitor for critically ill patients in the Emergency Room.

The portable monitors can be used wherever there is an electrical outlet. They monitor blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen levels using an automatic blood pressure cuff and a monitor that clips easily over a fingernail. This allows the care team to continuously monitor how well the patient is doing. Staff are able to set audible alarm levels that will notify them of changes.The built-in monitor works in conjunction with the existing heart rate monitor to provide the team with a comprehensive moment-to-moment picture of the patients

“The auxiliary, our partners (No Frills, Dave’s Restaurant, Moose FM and Tim Horton’s) and the hospital staff are thrilled and excited to be taking part in this Project,” enthused Karen Bonokoski, Auxiliary President . “We plan to rock this town and make sure that everyone has a great time! ”

Retention & Recruitment Team R&R

Recruitment and Retention: Celebrating Volunteers

One of the biggest challenges that we face as organizations is the recruitment and retention of our volunteers. The Recruitment and Retention Team, R&R for short, of the North Hastings District Hospital Auxiliary spends much time and energy finding new and better ways to entice volunteers to join and to ensure that they want to remain once they are members.

During volunteer month, the team of Sarah Fraser, Sue Hackett, Pat Hicks, Darlene O’Farrell and Janet Wootton planned a Volunteer Appreciation Event at one of our venues.  Each volunteer received a small gift which included a pansy and a “V” volunteer pin.  Goodies were provided, volunteers were lauded and members met others who were donating their time to the same end.

The team publishes a monthly newsletter, Volunteer Voices, to keep all informed about the happenings within the Auxiliary. Each R&R member brings info from a different aspect of our organization ensuring a feeling of inclusion for every group and every venture. Special occasions or achievements of individual volunteers are highlighted and upcoming events are advertised.


But all would agree that the most memorable moment and creation of the R&R Team this year had to be their delivery of awards at our recent Anniversary dinner. “Celebrities” congratulated the award winners and, in fact, all of the members of the Auxiliary on their achievements. All five women (one in two different roles) researched their celebrity and became her for a brief time. There was a buzz for many weeks afterward still talking about the performance. Members are excited about being part of such a fun and dynamic Auxiliary.

Can you name the Celebs?  (double click on thumbnail to enlarge).

What a perfect example of success for a recruitment and retention team.